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(Large Print books currently not available in this offer.)

How to order?

1. Send your check to Robeth Publishing at P.O. Box 192, Boring Oregon, 97009.

2. Include the title or titles of the book/s you want to order.

3. Include payment per book plus shipping/handling. Book and shipping/handling costs below.

4. Include requested inscription.

(For example, “To Jane, from Bobbi Holmes”)

5. If no inscription is included with order, each book with be signed with just author’s signature.

6. Include your email address where we can reach you.

7. Include your shipping address. Sorry, we can only ship to the USA.

When will you receive your book/books? 

After we receive your order, you might receive your order within a week—or up to a month.

Why could it take up to a month?

There are several reasons. We only go to the post office once a week, not every day. Plus, if we don’t have your requested book in stock, we will need to order it. After it arrives, it will be inscribed, packed, and then taken to the post office on the next day we go.

If you have any question, you can email us at


Coulson’s Wife $12.95 plus shipping/handing (see below)

Coulson’s Crucible $12.95 plus shipping/handing (see below)

Coulson’s Lessons $13.95 plus shipping/handing (see below)

Coulson’s Secret $13.95 plus shipping/handing (see below)

Coulson’s Reckoning $13.95 plus shipping/handing (see below)


Sundered Hearts $12.95 plus shipping/handing (see below)

After Snowbound $12.95 plus shipping/handing (see below)

While Snowbound $12.95 plus shipping/handing (see below)

Sugar Rush $12.95 plus shipping/handing (see below)


Where the Road Ends, Havasu Palms Recipes & Remembrances  $15.00 plus shipping/handing (see below)

Havasu Palms, A Hostile Takeover $17.99 plus shipping/handing (see below)

Motherhood, A Book of Poetry $10.00 plus shipping/handing (see below)


Haunting Danielle Series

$12.99 each plus shipping/handing (see below)

1 The Ghost of Marlow House 17 The Ghost of Second Chances
2 The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds 18 The Ghost Who Dream Hopped
3 The Ghost Who Wasn’t 19 The Ghost of Christmas Secrets
4 The Ghost Who Wanted Revenge 20 The Ghost Who Was Says I Do
5 The Ghost of Halloween Past 21 The Ghost & the Baby
6 The Ghost Who Came for Christmas 22 The Ghost & the Halloween Haunt
7 The Ghost of Valentine Past 23 The Ghost & the Christmas Spirit
8 The Ghost from the Sea 24 The Ghost and the Silver Scream
9 The Ghost & the Mystery Writer 25 The Ghost of a Memory
10 The Ghost & the Muse 26 The Ghost and the Witches’ Coven
11 The Ghost Who Stayed Home 27 The Ghost and the Mountain Man
12 The Ghost & the Leprechaun 28  The Ghost and the Birthday Boy
13  The Ghost Who Lied 29 The Ghost and the Church Lady
14 The Ghost & the Bride 30 The Ghost and the Medium
15 The Ghost & Little Marie 31 The Ghost and the New Neighbor
16 The Ghost & the Doppelganger 32 The Ghost and the Wedding Crasher (Available April 2023)