The Story of the Christmas Village

Share this delightful Christmas story of childhood imagination. With simple 3×5 index cards, a brother and sister create a Christmas village filled with ingenuity and wonder. Before reading the book with your favorite child, make sure you have some index cards, sticky tape, colored markers and scissors on hand, as the child will be anxious to create his or her own unique Christmas Village after reading the story.

About the Book:

The Story of the Christmas Village was originally published as a paperback in 2006. It is a true story, simply written in a style appropriate for beginning readers. Yet, it wasn’t written for the general public, but for our family, primarily for my mother. The book was a way to preserve the Christmas village that inspired the story.

Various family members received copies of the book on Christmas, 2006. One was my sister, Lynn, a second grade teacher.

A number of years went by before my sister came to me with an idea. She thought I should market the paperback with a packet of 3 x5 index cards, color markers, tape and scissors – a book/craft pack. Lynn told me she read the story to her class each year, and the students loved it. The story sparked their imagination. After reading it, they immediately wanted to make their own village from index cards.

I never took her advice, but a few years later, when color eBook readers and iPads came on the scene, she urged me to turn the story into an eBook. She was still reading it to her class each year, and the students continue to respond to the story.

Remember to pick up some index cards, tape, scissors and color markers before reading the story with your child.

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